"One size fits all", actually fits no one. We create personalized face creams with you and our algorithm. Clean, vegan and made in Germany. Create your personalized face cream now by taking our 5 min skin test.

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Clean Ingredients

Naturally, we use clean formulations and high quality active ingredients. We avoid the obvious toxins and controversial synthetics. Of course, we do not test on our furry friends.

Smart Science

Our algorithm is developed by our AI and data scientists, dermatologists, beauty professionals and our skincare experts. The algorithm matches your skin with the ingredients it needs.

Sustainable Method

Together with you we want to protect our planet. Therefore, we strive to be sustainable by producing our skincare made-to-order. Thereby, we reduce waste and limit the resources that are needed.

Made in Germany

Our Ave + Edam laboratory is based in Berlin, Germany. Here, our scientists work day and night on developing the best skincare formulations for your skin. We are proud to produce fairly in Germany.

Clean + Vegan

  • NO Silicones
  • NO Parabens
  • NO Petrolates
  • NO PEGs
  • NO Mineral Oils
  • NO Micro Plastics
  • NO Nano Particles
  • NO Animal Cruelty
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Step 1
Assess your skin

Assess your skin with our 5-min online skin test that uses the Ave + Edam algorithm.

Step 2
Personalize Your Cream

After we matched you with the best ingredients, select your favourite scent and name your creme.

Step 3
Receive your cream

Order your skincare online and have it shipped to you within 7 to 10 working days.

Step 4
Feedback Loop & Adaptation

Your skin's needs change according to your lifestyle, season, temperature and environmental factors. Ave + Edam skincare adapts to all of this when you re-take the skin test. If, contrary to our expectations, you should not be completely satisfied, we offer you to return your cream within 30 days for free. This is longer than we are required to - because we are convinced that you will love your personalized face cream!

high quality active ingredients

  • Made in Germany
  • Fully vegan
  • Reusable packaging
  • Fragrances are free from all major allergens
  • Synergy HighTech and Natural Ingredients
  • Active ingredients safe for sensitive skin

Boost your skin

All of our skincare products are made with highly active ingredients. This can lead to slight tingles in the beginning. We like to say: "You will feel that it works!"

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Our Founders + Advisors

  • Dr. Franziska Leonhardt, Co-Founder

    Franziska is our CEO. She is responsible for operations and product. Franziska is a former member of the senior leadership team at Rocket Internet and an active business angel.

  • Prof. Dominik L. Michels, Ph.D., Co-Founder

    Dominik is a highly regarded scientist and technology expert focusing on algorithms, AI and modeling. He developed the models and algorithms behind Ave + Edam.

  • Gregor Wahl, M.D., Advisor

    Gregor is an internationally renowned aesthetics dermatologist, practicing and lecturing globally. He helps us developing the skin assessment tools.

  • Shirin Navab, Co-Founder

    Shirin is a cosmetics development expert with more than 20 years experience with leading cosmetic brands and spa groups. She is responsible for our cream formulations.

  • Timm Golüke, M.D., Advisor

    Timm is a dermatologist and internationally renowned anti-aging expert, practicing globally. He also supports us in the development of our skin assessments.

Ave + Edam Formula


We believe in products that are free from bias. As a brand, we celebrate individualism in all its beauty. You are unique and so is your skin. And so should be the cream that cares for it.

Our Laboratory

Our Ave + Edam formulations are carefully developed in our own laboratory in Berlin, Germany. Dermatologists, pharmacists, chemists and other skincare experts collaborate closely with our own algorithm to match you with the best formulation of ingredients for your skin.

Testimonials - OVER 10.000 Skin Tests taken

Alice, 24

Skincare is expensive, especially for me as a student. But since I personalize my skincare, I hardly need any other products and really do not spend more.

Cedric, 34

I am particularly impressed by the many possibilities of personalizing my facial care, which enables me to tailor my skincare as I need it. Besides, I love the fragrance.

Rafaela, 38

Since you're not getting any younger, and time flies, my skin needs a little lift; my personal cream has been optimized to meet those needs. I haven't been using it for that long, but I'm curious about the results.

Andreas, 41

Finally, an all-in-one cream! My skin was often very sensitive and I needed a cream that would prevent those moments. My search is over now.

Changis, 26

What was important to me was finding a sustainable skincare product that still contained all the ingredients I needed for my skin.

Robinha, 28

With my Ave + Edam skincare, I have the perfect buddy for my day. In addition to the highly active ingredients, I especially like that the creme leaves a satiny feel on my skin.

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