About us

Personalized skin care. Clean, smart and vegan. Developed in Berlin, produced fairly in Germany.

We celebrate individuality in all its facets. As unique as you are, as unique is your skin and as unique should be your skincare. AVE EDAM offers the opportunity to personalise skincare in highest quality. Because "one size fits all" actually fits no one.

Our products are 100% made in Germany. Our products are clean, vegan and we produce made-to order, thereby reducing resources needed. The no-go list is long. We do not use: microplastics, silicones, parabens, petrolates, PEGs, mineral oils and nanoparticles. All our fragrances are without main allergens.

So far, the beauty industry has only produced products in pre-fabricated sizes and variations, so that customers could rarely find the perfect product for themselves. With our algorithm, we turn this situation around and allow you to customize your products according to your needs.

This works as follows: In our skin test, you answer specific questions about various aspects of your skin and lifestyle. The detailed skin test was developed by our team of skincare experts, chemists and renowned dermatologists, including Dr. Gregor Wahl and Dr. Timm Golüke. The result of the test is your personalized face cream with your top ingredients, so called "hero ingredients". All ingredients in your skincare are determined by our algorithm. The algorithm identifies the specific needs of each person taking the skin test. Artificial intelligence is used, which on the one hand is based on expert knowledge and on the other hand on the information provided by you. In this way, a unique cooperation takes place. The result is a so-called "co-creation" in which factors such as health, lifestyle and environmental influences are taken into account in addition to your skin condition.

The algorithm also creates a unique skin ID for each customer. The customer has the possibility to provide feedback on our product in the "feedback loop". This way she, he or they can adapt the skin cream according to changes in lifestyle, environment, skin condition or preferences.

Behind the brand are the founders Dr. Franziska Leonhardt, Shirin Navab and Professor Dr. Dominik L. Michels, who complement each other perfectly in their different expertise. Franziska has many years of experience at Rocket Internet and is responsible for strategy and operations. Dominik has been researching computer science, mathematics and physics for many years and has dedicated himself to modeling, simulation and artificial intelligence. Shirin has been working in the cosmetics industry for more than 25 years and is an undisputed expert in the field of cosmetic formulation focusing on skincare.

For more information please contact as at hello@aveandedam.com

Our Founders + Advisors

  • Dr. Franziska Leonhardt, Co-Founder

    Franziska is our CEO. She is responsible for operations and product. Franziska is a former member of the senior leadership team at Rocket Internet and an active business angel.

  • Prof. Dominik L. Michels, Ph.D., Co-Founder

    Dominik is a highly regarded scientist and technology expert focusing on algorithms, AI and modeling. He developed the models and algorithms behind Ave + Edam.

  • Gregor Wahl, M.D., Advisor

    Gregor is an internationally renowned aesthetics dermatologist, practicing and lecturing globally. He helps us developing the skin assessment tools.

  • Shirin Navab, Co-Founder

    Shirin is a cosmetics development expert with more than 20 years experience with leading cosmetic brands and spa groups. She is responsible for our cream formulations.

  • Timm Golüke, M.D., Advisor

    Timm is a dermatologist and internationally renowned anti-aging expert, practicing globally. He also supports us in the development of our skin assessments.